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Home Health Care Career

home health care career

If you’ve ever thought about all the different possibilities in a home health care career, we may have some answers for you. Here are the top 3 things anyone considering a home health career should think about before moving forward.

Do You Care About Patients

Caring for the well being of others, and respecting the care in the privacy of there homes should be paramount.  Dealing with patients’ family members can also be touchy. There are a lot more family dynamics to deal with in the home. If there’s a caregiver involved, you’re including them in the treatment plan and goals. You’re working in the homes of patients of different ethnicity’s and cultures, and you have to be adaptable and personable with everyone.

Can You Handle Resposibility

A patient’s life often depends on home care workers, whether they’re home health aides, nurses, social workers or rehab therapists. Every patient is different and should be treated as such. There is also the probability of having to deal with death. Many people moving into home health care roles do not think of their patients passing…it’s natural for someone who is a care giver to make a sub conscious assumption that your care keeps them alive, the reality is even if they are not hospice patients, they are generally at the later stages of their life and should be treated as such.

Are You Qualified?

In home health care, there are many different situations that can arise. Even if you are a skilled nurse, or home health aide, nothing can prepare you for the role more than experience. When an emergency such as respiratory distress does arise, a home care worker isn’t surrounded by a team of healthcare professionals. For this reason, many home care professionals — especially nurses — have mastered basic clinical skills by working in an inpatient healthcare facility for a year or two before moving into home care.