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Physical Therapies

Physical Therapies for seniors

No matter how much technology evolves, life expectancy increases…occasionally we need repair and rehab. Physical therapies for seniors, though not new, has had to evolve as much as anything else in the elder care spectrum. No longer is a home health aide or nurse sufficient to handle all task. With so many diverse modalities to choose from, physical therapy has become paramount to quality of life.

Physical Therapies for Seniors

Falling, is one of the primary reasons for loss of independence among seniors. According to the National Center On Aging, more than 33% of all seniors over the age of 65 years of age, fall each year. A Physical Therapist can not only assist in the rehabilitation of those that have fallen, but can also help those living independent and their loved ones in looking for signs and signals that someone may be losing their abilities to walk, and may need assistance or even prevent future falls.

No Pain Physical Therapy

Honesty comes into play here, the reality is we don’t want to see our loved ones in any more pain than needs to be. We sometimes use medications to mask those pains for our loved ones, but it is extremely important to make sure we are seeking rehabilitation, versus just a quick fix or band aide on the issue at hand. Physical therapy is needed when  there has been chronic pain in the last 90 days, painkillers have been prescribed for the pain (band aide) or the pain impedes mobility or keeps someone bed ridden.

Arista Home Health

Here at Arista , we want to make every option you have available on your schedule. Our Physical Therapist assist in regaining strength, endurance, pain management and quality of life through functional exercises and activities in the convenience of your own home or residence of choice.