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grief management

Grief Management After Hospice Care

When grieving the loss of a friend or family member who has been under hospice care, it helps knowing that their last days were made as comfortable and as pain-free as possible. Opting for hospice care means that the patient and family probably had some time to make end-of-life preparations. Nevertheless, when the moment arrives, we may find it challenging to fully cope with our own sorrow and the grief experienced by those around us.

patient with pet

How Pets Can Help Patients

When caring for patients, care providers are concerned with patients’ physical needs as well as their emotional well-being. One way to improve a patient’s mood is to schedule a visit with a therapy pet. Whether it’s a cat, dog or a different animal altogether, pets can enter a room and immediately make it a brighter, happier place to be. A recent study reported that patients who spent 10 minutes with a therapy dog reported less pain than those getting conventional treatment alone.

Thank you!

Chuck Zimmerman sent us this beautiful gift of appreciation!

Chuck Zimmerman is a local fiduciary in Tucson, AZ and Arista Home Health and Hospice has had the privilege of taking care of some of his clients over the past few years.

From the staff at Arista Healthcare,
Thank you, Chuck Zimmerman for the Edible Arrangement!


Medicare Qualifications

A question we hear regularly is “what are the Medicare qualifications, and do I qualify”.

Home health care includes a wide range of health and social services brought into  your home to treat illness or injury. The complete services covered by Medicare’s home health benefit include skilled nursing care, therapy, and care provided by a home health aide. Depending on the circumstances, home health care will be covered by either Part A or Part B.

girl talking with grandfather in hospice

Talking to a Hospice Patient

In hospice care, patients and their loves ones are often aware the end is near, but it does not make it any less difficult for family members to accept. Many friends and family, even nurses and caregivers, are afraid of saying the wrong thing. They do not want to make a bad impression or seem insensitive. However, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself. The end may be near, so now is the time to show how much you care.